The Disko

The Disko is a project from Sweden with two guys, Kristoffer Pettersson, born in 1975 (sounds and composing) and Daniel Pettersson, born in 1974 (singer/writer).
These two guys have always been in love with synthmusic. Kristoffer has many influences from bands like Erasure, Yazoo and nowadays Elegant Machinery and Universal Poplab. Daniel has always loved to sing and began singing as a small boy to his parents Abba records.
Today his influences in singing comes from David Gahan from Depeche Mode and Ronny Schreinzer (The Twins). Since Kristoffer is very interested in synths he began to build his studio in the late 90's. Kristoffer and Daniel expereminted some and was mainly a band that played covers at parties and events.
In 2004 they recorded "Mind Making Machine". A tune that got finished by the Swedish producer Backlash. This was their first attempt to create something that wasn't a cover and since then they have made a couple of song at demo basis. Since Daniel got in contact with Marek Kolodynski. The Disko is experiencing new inspiration and is about to put together some new songs. Daniel is also involved in a couple of tracks on the tribute to Depeche Mode in cooperation with other artists (A.M. Samurai, Space Project).
2009 will be an interesting year for The Disko with this newfound relationship to Space Sound Records.

Here's the equipment The Disko uses at the present. This changes quite often since Kristoffer loves to buy and sell synths:)

  • DAW:
  • Cubase 4
  • EMU 1820
  • Synths:
  • Clavia Nord Modular G2 (Expanded)
  • Clavia Nordlead 2X
  • Roland V-synth
  • Waldorf Pulse+
  • Sequential Circuits Pro One
  • Recent:
  • cess Virus KC
  • Access Virus Indigo
  • Novation K-station
  • Waldorf XTK Expanded
  • Waldorf XT
  • Waldorf uQ Key Expanded
  • Emu Proteus 2000
  • Casio CZ1000
  • Nord Rack 2
  • Nord Modular G1 key
  • Nord Modular G1 Rack
  • Roland Juno 106
  • Roland Juno 1
  • Roland D-50
  • Roland MKS-50
  • Roland MC-505
  • Korg M3r
  • Soft stuff:
  • Waldorf Attack
  • Waldorf PPG Wave
  • Waldorf D-pole
  • Terratec Komplexer
  • Effects:
  • Universal Audio UAD-1
  • Izotope Ozone 3
  • Mic:
  • ADK A51e

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