Interview with Prodomo

Hello and welcome to Spacesound Records. We would like to shed some light on the individuals who make the music we all love. What better way than hearing it from the artists themselves. Marcin, Welcome to Spacesound!

1. Can you tell us a little about yourself and what do you do?

I live in Zielona Góra, Poland. I am a local Internet operator, I provide Internet services meaning access to Internet, www servers, as well as software. My hobby is bicycle races, street race-cycling, chess, sailing and everything that refers to water.

2. How did you get involved in music and do you have a music background?

Since I remember, I was always fascinated with musical instruments, especially keyboards and synthesizers. I started with playing simple tunes on a piano and later on a keyboard. I have no musical education though  before I started to deal with computer and synths I played a lot of the classical music. I learned score reading and all the music rules. For me it was my private music school. Since 1999 I had a break in playing music and I have decided  to get back to music in November 2007 (just to winter).

3. Besides spacesynth what other hobbies do you have?

As I mentioned I do my best to organize my time to deal with races, sailing, chess and recently music.

4. What other music interests you?

For sure that's the classical music. Especially J.S. Bach and F. Chopin.

5. Do you compose any other music besides spacesynth, if yes, what might that be?

Yes. Some time ago I was into Trance, Dance and some illustrative music quite resembling J.M. Jarre's style. I rather feel like a fish in water when we speak of the last one and Spacesynth.

6. How did you find spacesynth or when did you first come in contact with this genre of music?

At the end of 80ties Marek Kolodynski got me familiar with the Spacesynth genre. I know him since we were children. Marek promoted Spacesynth then the music on our estate as much as it was possible.

7. What draws you to spacesynth and why do you like this music?

Spacesynth... is just pretty, sterile. I grew up on the music and maybe some memories act here. Someday I wondered who a man should be to become a composer of the music and what is required to do it. Unfortunately the lack of Internet, literature effectively isolated man from having such knowledge at least in Poland of late 80's. And that's how the curiosity was born about how to get to roots of music where there was no place for a classic guitar  and basically everything was virtual.

8. Is there anything that you dislike about this genre?

Rather not. There are of course songs that had stronger and weaker influence but generally  I was always enjoying strong songs with a minimal amount of simple melodies.

9. Are there any group or artist(s) that have influenced you?

Yes, they are. J.M Jarre, Laserdance, Koto, Hypnosis.

10. I guess this question follows on from the next but do you have a favorite artist and why?

Yes, they are. J.M Jarre, Laserdance, Koto, Hypnosis.

11. Do you have a favorite spacesynth album and why?

The favourite one does not exist. There are on the other hand some different songs of the genre, of different artists. If I could I would choose Future Gen by Laserdance.

12. Would you be interested in working in a duet or with other artists if yes who would that be?

Of course, yes. It's hard to say with whom but I am open for working together in duo with other artists of Space and not only.

13. Do you like Italo Disco?

Yes, I do but there are some limits. In Poland there is a dangerous genre Disco Polo that had such a career and was so trivial so that producing Spacemusic an Italo got hazardous.

14. A few Spacesynth artists have come from the Demo scene, were you ever part of that, if yes what was your artistic name and do you think there is any advantage to Demo artists?

I had a close contact with groups of so called demo stage, coders, musicians, graphic makers. Simply a gang of friends. I have never been a member of a group, officially. I created music, played with them. What is interestingly, few of them that I am in touch with take active role in it.  It's hard to speak about pros and cons. For sure it's a hard work of passion giving lots of knowledge and experience.

15. Lets move to composing. How do you start with a new track? Do you, start by trying to compose a new melody or do you play around with chords and then try and fit a melody into that or is there perhaps another way?

Personally the most simple way is to make a new song in my head and on a paper, then when the songs is ready I start to transfer the one into synthesizer or a computer. It takes 99% of composing time for the whole. Recording of all the sounds, finding and writing them. Sometimes I sit in front of my keyboard and accidentally write something, but later on it is difficult to make it a logical entirety from the accident. I like to know what I am to do.

16. Recently there has been some debate about the importance of melody in spacesynth. Do you have any opinion or thoughts on this?

Melody is an ingredient of the music, so it's hard to replace it with something else.

17. Spacesynth currently has many different styles for example Protonic Storm is very futuristic and pushing boundaries on the other hand Marco Rochowski epitomizes the Golden era with his classical interpretation. Where do you think you fit?

I rather prefer a traditional Spacesynth style.

18. This question is a sort of follow on. Where do you think the genre is heading? Some people have said that we should move on from the LD influence and embrace influences from other genres i.e. different drums, bass and not have to rely on melody. Others have argued that the melody is the essence of spacesynth and overhauling it would kill the uniqueness of the style and thus create just another electronic sub genre. Any thoughts?

My opinion is exactly the same, avoiding melodies would destroy the unique genre. If I want to step off some melody and the traditional style I may start to write Trance or similar type of music. But when I create Spacesynth it makes me lots of  pleasure if I know the origins of the music.

19. Any thoughts on how we could improve the genre (musically and gaining more mass appeal)?

I think nothing. There are people who like it or not. You can avoid a melody, you can write all in one key, operating on FX's and enter Dance Hall but would that be Spacesynth?

20. What sort of gear do you use?

Korg M1 and MC505 from time to time. All the rest is VSTi technology.

21. At times debate has centered on Software synths vs. hardware, do you have a preference if yes why?

The VSTi technology makes working on music much easier and gives plenty of new possibilities. Generally without VST I couldn't make anything now because the equipment I posses doesn't meet my requirements. If anybody as got proper funds the gear as got its charm and character.

22. What's your favorite TV show?

I don't like the type of programmes.

23. Anything you would like to say to the fans of the Spacesynth Genre?

A new music in traditional outfit. Also I would like to greet  all the fans and encourage them to buy the original CD's because only thank to them the genre survived. 

Now for something light hearted. Just give the answer to one you prefer or “Neither” if they aren’t applicable. (No explanations required!!)

1. Tea or Coffee? Coffee.
2. Market or Shopping Mall? Mall.
3. Demo or Italo? Both.
4. TV or Sport? A little bit of sport .
5. Books or Cinema? Cinema .
6. Resort or Camping? Camping.
7. Summer or Winter? Summer.
8. Cat or Dog? Cat.
9. Beer, wine or Spirits? Pepsi.
10. Blonde or Brunette? Brunette.
11. Sweet or savoury? Sweet.
Once again thank you for allowing us your time in answering these questions, it is very much appreciated! We hope this gives the spacesynth community a little better insight into you as an artist.

Interview Conducted By Peter D.

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